English Summary

Ecoconsult is a company that offer management and operation consulting services in quality, environment, work safety, food processing hygiene, vocational training, product certification and privacy.

The company was founded in 1995 by the initiative of important studies who to meet efficiently their customer’s needs in the areas they were not familiar with (like safety in the workplace, product and quality certification and environmental protection regulations) but have become by now key sectors for the growth and development of business.

Ecoconsult operates all over Italy through branch offices or exclusive partnerships, to meet the needs of their customers in the whole national territory.

Our main offices:

  • Milan
  • Vercelli
  • Treviso
  • Vicenza

In Ecoconsult Group, it is also present a related company in the field of technologies and ICT, (Ecoconsult Tecnologie) and a communication agency (Gierre). It is present a specific division specialised in “fire fight” (including fire extinguisher).

We are certified with ISO 9001 standard and operates in a transparent and totally independent way. The company is staffed by long-time experienced professionals that are active members of professional rolls and trade associations, some consultants are certified according by international rules (i.e. APCO o LA scheme).

We also collaborate with universities, several national and international certification bodies and UNI commissions.

The Academy is registered according ISO international standard for “non formal education”

The main services provided by ECOCONSULT are as follows:

  • Health and safety: compliance with Legislative Decree 81/08 including working condition and medical surveillance
  • Privacy: compliance with the laws governing privacy protection (GDPR)
  • Quality System Certification (ISO 9000)
  • Environmental Certification (ISO 14000), EMAS and Environmental Reports
  • Compliance with mandatory food hygiene action (HACCP) and supply chain traceability
  • Certifications for the following: product, organic farming, laboratory (ISO 17025), safety, business social accountability (SA 8000), e-commerce.
  • Compliance programme according with Legislative decree 231/2001

Important to note: Ecoconsult is the partner of the national association of accountants (AIDC) for the quality, H&S and privacy matter.